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Mike, M

Great prices, great attitude, and great service! A local stocking Dillon

dealer too!


Paul, H

Great place and great

people to deal with

the reloading zone.png

Great little store, and the owners and the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. I shop here for everything.

John, D


I am a long time customer of the Reloading Zone, and the new owners and Bristlecone have kept up the great business. The new owners and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, the service is very good, the selection is great. One of the things I appreciate the most and will keep me coming back is that they are not price gouging during this covid mess. I shop there a lot, and every experience has been good.


I came in several times looking at their selection of 1911s, and was hoping to see something great from Springfield or Sig Sauer. I finally lucked out (their inventory moves so quickly that it's a bit different every time you come in) and found a beautiful Sig. The price was right, the service was excellent, and I had no complaints! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, and some of the best prices in the Denver area.


One of the best small businesses I've ever come across. As a total newbie to reloading they have everything you need and take the time to explain everything to you no matter how many questions you ask. I love to buy from businesses like this because if I ever have a question I can just call and they will walk me through my issues. Staff is great and really friendly. Highly recommend.


Great store for reloaders and anyone into the 2nd amendment! My favorite shop hands down! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff too!


This place is amazing. Plenty of selection and the staff is super helpful and nice (they don’t act bothered or pissed off if you want to see more than one gun). They also don’t talk down to you like some other gun shops do. Overall they are extremely helpful and can answer any of your questions and give you good advice. The prices are competitive compared to many of the other gun shops in the Denver area. I would 10/10 recommend this store.


Awesome A+ care. In matter of minutes your background check with be done and your good to go. Fastest and the best service I've ever had. I will pick no one but the reloading zone. A++++ outstanding would recommend to anyone.


Went in looking for a gun that my wife could use as a conceal. We were very impressed with every employee there and how willing they were to go over every detail about each gun. She found the perfect one and we will definitely be going back for future purchases.


Outstanding selection. Great customer service from the staff.


Great little store, and the owners and the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. I shop here for everything I need from reloading, accessories and firearms.


Love this place, the owners wife is wonderful and I have purchased four things from this place since 2016. They have lowest prices on items next to Buds. Highly recommend and have not been anywhere since finding it!